Portable Hiking Grill?

Has anyone tried this thing out yet? It’s called the Grilliput and I came across it while reading Gadling earlier. Essentially, it’s a tiny, fold away grill for camping and hiking. When you’re ready to use it, you simply set it up over your fire and through some food on it. It looks like an interesting concept, I’m just wondering how well it works in the real world. They’re available from REI for just $29.

Kraig Becker

5 thoughts on “Portable Hiking Grill?”

  1. I have one that we’ll be testing on Outdoorzy’s blog soon. I should have the review done in about a week. Looks cool! I also have a little fold out thing that holds the charcoal that I’ll be testing for them as well.

  2. Cool! I can’t wait to hear your impressions Wade! Looks like an interesting piece of gear that could be a lot of fun to use too.

  3. Hey Kraig,

    I just got back from a nice camping trip and happened to use a similar item all week over the Campfire. Mine worked great. Just like a charcoal grill..only over an open flame. This particular item looks to be a little more compact then mine, which would definately be more “hiker” friendly..but I really don’t know to many hikers that carry along hotdogs, hamburgers, or even chicken…that would require a small cooler of some sort. I think this item would be great for the camping community, but could be a hassle for the Hikers out there…even though the compactness is nice.

  4. You have a good point about bringing fresh meat along on a backpacking trip. Not something that happens often without a cooler to keep it fresh. Still, this wouldn’t be bad for the circumstances. I’m looking forward to seeing Wade’s review over at Outdoorzy.

    Welcome home. Hope you had a nice trip!

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