“Spiderman” Up To His Old Tricks!

French climber Alain Robert is up to his old tricks again, free climbing a 620 foot tall bridge in Lisbon yesterday. You may recall, Robert has a knack for climbing buildings and then promptly getting arrested. He managed to do both in yesterday’s stunt.

Robert, who is nicknamed “Spiderman”, has scaled buildings and other structures all over the World, including the Petronas Towers in Malaysia, The Empire State Building in New York, Sears Tower in Chicago, and the Eiffel Tower in his home country. He climbs without ropes, or any other form of support, and will often simply stroll up to a structure, and start his ascent. When his climb is over, he’s regularly charged with trespassing and arrested on the roof of his latest conquest.

Yesterday’s climb was filmed by a crew in a helicopter, who are making a documentary about his exploits. Robert complained of high winds giving him difficulty, but he still completed the climb with commuters looking on. Even more impressive? The article states that he suffers from vertigo! Yikes!

Thanks to the GoBlog for this one.

Kraig Becker

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