Jordan Romero Becomes Youngest Aconcagua Summitteer

Nearly a month ago I posted about Jordan Romero, the 11 year old boy who was setting off to attempt to climb Aconcagua. Today, The Gear Junkie updates us on the story with news that Jordan did indeed summit back on December 30th.

Jordan’s successful summit makes him the youngest person to ever top out on the mountain, the tallest in South America. it also adds another one of the Seven Summits to Jordan’s resume, which already includes Kilimanjaro, Elbrus, and Kosciuszko. If all goes according to plan, Jordan hopes to finish up the rest of the Seven Summits by topping out on Everest before his 16th birthday.

Congrats to Jordan! Awesome job. Good luck on the rest of the Seven! We’ll be following your progress.

Kraig Becker

3 thoughts on “Jordan Romero Becomes Youngest Aconcagua Summitteer”

  1. Yeah, the kid makes me feel like a slacker too. When I was 11 riding my bike up a steep hill was about the extent of my exertion. 😉

    And yes, I saw the story of Sir Ed’s passing. It’s a sad day for sure.

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