Tour 2010: Calm Before The Storm

The 2010 Tour de France is now less than 24 hours from getting underway, and the riders, team managers and staff, as well as the fans, are eagerly awaiting the start of the race. One of the big reasons that we’re all excited for this year’s Tour is that we’ll finally get to see Lance Armstrong and Alberto Contador go head to head after the two had friction while racing on the same team last year.

Versus has once again put together a nice video that recaps the rivalry between the two racers, that was evident in 2009, but was kept out of the public eye none the less. The gloves will be off in 2010 however, and the two men can go head to head without fear of team repercussions.

It should make for an interesting race to say the least. Contador is a much younger, and stronger rider than Lance, but Armstrong’s Team RadioShack is a more experienced, stronger, and deeper team. They will help their leader throughout the race, and it could come down to a solo duel between these two men in the mountains. Lance has been climbing very well in his recent races, and he may be setting himself up to hang with Alberto in the Alps and Pyrenees this year.

After you’ve watched the video about these two rivals, check out the second one which gives us a glimpse of what the Tour route has in store for the riders this year. As always, it looks tough.

Kraig Becker

5 thoughts on “Tour 2010: Calm Before The Storm”

  1. Versus does some great work on the videos about the Tour. Excited for it to get underway. Hope Farrar can win some stages.

  2. I'm with you Casey, I hope Farrar does well too. It's his time I think, and I hope we'll see some stage wins and he'll be setting himself up for the future.

  3. Kraig, you gonna be jealous. I just won at a really stupid contest to attend the Rotterdam-Brussels with a 1 hour flight above the tour from this :

    That'll be cool !

    Monday, you'll probably see them pass the Montgomery Roundabout (you cannot miss it, it's the biggest fountain of Brussels). That's where my colleagues do work 🙂

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