Chris Sharma Preparing To Climb Hardest Route In The World

Nat Geo Adventure has posted a good interview today with Chris Sharma, one of the top rock climbers on the planet. Sharma earned a reputation for wandering across the globe looking for new, and unique challenges to test his skills, but now, according to National Geographic, he has settled down in Catalonia, Spain, and is training take on the toughest rock climbing route in the world.

In this interview, Sharma discusses what Spain has to offer a climber of his caliber, how his style has changed as he’s gotten older (Chri is 30 now) and who he thinks is an up and coming star in the climbing world. He also mentions a 5.15b route that he spent seven years trying to figure out, which has led him to his new project, a 5.15c, which he hopes to climb this winter. He feels that it just might be the hardest climb on the planet, and it just so happens to be located not far from where he now calls home.

Chris is an interesting guy and I have always enjoyed his adventurous spirit that has found him climbing in some really unique places. It’ll be interesting to see if he can pull off this amazingly tough climb in the near future.

Chris Sharma: A Sense Of Place from Prana Living on Vimeo.

Kraig Becker

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