Video: Help Crowdfund a Documentary About Porters on the Inca Trail

If you’ve ever made a trek along a remote trail in just about any corner of the world you probably already know the role that porters play on those journeys. But for many, their stories remain untold, as they are often the forgotten heroes of any expedition or travel experience. But some friends of mine are looking to share at least some of those tales, starting with the porters who work along the Inca Trail in Peru. To do that, they’re looking to create a documentary that shares the experiences of these men and women with the world and to that end they’ve launched a crowdfunding campaign to raise $15,980 to get their project off the ground. The video above is a trailer of sorts to share what they have in mind, and judging from what we’ve seen here, this could be amazing. Check out the video above and then head on over to the Indiegogo page to contribute to the cause if you feel its worthy. I know I’m already looking forward to the full film.

Kraig Becker

4 thoughts on “Video: Help Crowdfund a Documentary About Porters on the Inca Trail”

  1. Back around 1995 I hiked the Inca Trail. It would have been impossible without the porters. Our little group had tents, food – and even my plein air painting equipment. The porters were always willing to be helpful. Very pleasant and cheerful. We tipped well and bought them a big trout dinner at the end. They were so hungry they even ate the fish heads!

  2. You hire one dude who is a LLama expert and leave the other 15 porters to do other jobs in the valley. I hear that Pisaq is an emerging IT hub so maybe they can become the new Inca Trail Influencers 🙂

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