Summer Climbing Season in Pakistan Begins

Summer Climbing Season in Pakistan Begins

ExWeb has posted an update to the start of the summer 2017 climbing season in Pakistan, where things are going about as well as expected so far as teams begin to trickle into the country. In fact, some of the early arrivals have already reached Base Camp as they prepare for some big challenges ahead. … Read more

Nat Geo Takes Us Deep into “Dark Star” – Potentially the Deepest Cave System in the World

Deepest Cave

Exploring deepest caves is an activity that brings its own set of challenges not unlike scaling a high mountain. Sure, you don’t have to worry about acclimatizing per se, but thin air can be an issue and carrying supplies and gear into vast underground chambers is not unlike establishing camps as you ascend a Himalayan … Read more

Nat Geo Gives Us the Best Outdoor Towns in the World

Best Outdoor Towns

Best Outdoor Towns Looking for a great town to serve as base camp for your next outdoor adventure? Thinking about relocating to a place that offers more opportunities to pursue the things you love? Why not let National Geographic help with their picks for the world’s best towns for outdoor thrills.Some of the places earning … Read more

Explorer Announces Great African Expedition

Great African Expedition

Great African Expedition: Explorer and adventurer Julian Monroe Fisher has announced his next expedition, and it is an ambitious one to say the least. Last year we followed Julian as he walked across Africa, and now he has plans to return to that continent, where he’ll undertake a multi-year, multi-expedition adventure that will take him … Read more

Thoughts on Everest: Beyond The Limit Season 3

Beyond The Limit

Discovery Channel’s third season of Everest: Beyond The Limit began airing this past Sunday, and subsequently finished up last night. The show did offer some amazing views of the mountain, and showed aspects of high altitude mountaineering, but personally I felt that it was mere shadow of its former self, and mostly ended up being … Read more