Gear Closet: BioLite FirePit Review

BioLite FirePit

The BioLite FirePit is a product that I’ve known about for quite some time. Ever since I was first introduced to it at an Outdoor Retailer event several years back, I’ve wanted to get my hands on one for testing. My Review TL;DR If you don’t want to read the full review, the short answer … Read more

Gear Closet: Saxx New Frontier 2N1 Shorts Review

Saxx New Frontier 2n1 Shorts

Saxx New Frontier 2n1 Shorts review One of the best parts about the return of spring—and eventual return of summer—is the warmer temperatures. That means we can put away the long pants and break out the shorts for use on our outdoor adventures. Of course, just like any other piece of outdoor gear that we … Read more

Gear Closet: Kühl Burr Jacket Review

Kühl Burr Jacket

Kühl Burr Jacket : A couple of weeks back, I posted a Kühl Silencr pant review, giving it high marks for comfort, style, and durability. In that review, I also mentioned that Kühl had hooked me up with its Burr Jacket as well, but up until then, I really hadn’t had much of a chance … Read more